National Producers Group  dba / US Insurance Network, LLC.






  Highest Commission Contracts 

  for Licensed Insurance Producers

   Interested in paperless E-APPS,

   as well as traditional paper apps.


   Insurance Broker / Producer E-Contracting Link
   Express Issue - Living Beneft Term Life

   With Living Benefit Riders for: 

   Critical Illness, Chronic Illness,

   Terminal Illness, and

   Unemployment Waiver of Premium

   Issue Ages 18-80  

   No Medical Exam $25K up to $400K  Sample Quotes 


   Insurance Broker / Producer E-Contracting Link
   Express Issue - Whole Life - with Living Benefits
   NonMed  $5,000 to $100,000

   Substandard - Graded Benefit products and

   Guaranteed Issue, No Health Questions asked

   Products are also available.   Sample Quotes

   A Technology Product Retail Sales Website 

   Is optionally available to our contracted producers.
   Name brand Computers & Consumer Electronics

   Receive personal Discounts or Commission on sales