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  Top Insurance G.A. Contracts 

  for Licensed Insurance Producers

   Interested in paperless E-APPS, and telesales,

   as well as traditional paper app sales.  The best G.A.

   Contracts are those that authorize you to sell the best

   Insurance Coverage, at the best rates and still provide

   you with the best commission available.


   Insurance G.A. / Broker / Producer Contracting Link
   Express Issue - Living Beneft Term Life - Ideal For

   Mortgage Protection Life Insurance, or Family Life Insurance

   With Living Benefit Riders for: 

   Critical Illness, Chronic Illness,

   Terminal Illness, and

   Unemployment Waiver of Premium

   Issue Ages 18-80  

   No Medical Exam $25K up to $400K  Sample Quotes 


  Insurance G.A. / Broker / Producer Contracting Link
   Express Issue - Whole Life - with Living Benefits
   NonMed  $5,000 to $100,000

   Substandard - Graded Benefit products and

   Guaranteed Issue, No Health Questions asked

   Products are also available.   Sample Quotes